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Pressrelease - 100 ha land

Åre, September 2021 - Sunna Group AB (“Sunna”)

Sunna has signed an agreement for 100 acres of land to be the future location of a large-scale solar park. This agreement is a first step towards our vision of creating a platform for renewable energy in Sweden. Sunna’s ambition is to bring the benefits of large scale solar parks to Sweden, in order to meet the current challenge of providing reliable and renewable energy, and by doing so contributing to a sustainable repositioning of the energy supply.

”- The area is approximately the size of 200 football fields, and consists of land with poor suitability as farmland. We see further opportunities to sign deals with landowners who have land with similar characteristics. We look forward to establishing long-term relationships with landowners, as we continue to roll-out our strategy", says Marcus Qviberg, CEO, Sunna

- ”Grid connectivity and access is a key factor for establishing a park of this size. Our close cooperation with the grid owner is of utmost importance in order to connect the park as soon as possible.” says Johan Paradis, CTO, Sunna

Sunna takes biodiversity into consideration when designing our parks, and we see an opportunity to use the land for ecologically sustainable purposes. We believe that infrastructure investments should be combined with a sustainable ecosystem.

-”We look forward to working together with Sunna in order to ensure that this park will contribute to biodiversity.“ says Linnea Andersson, Environmental Consultant, Envigo AB

For additional information:

Marcus Qviberg, CEO

+46 (0)730-81 73 91

About Sunna Group AB:

Sunna’s ambition is to increase the proportion of solar power in the energy mix. Together with long-term capital partners Sunna aims to become a sustainable company active in the Swedish energy sector. Our goal is to develop, own and manage utility scale solar power. Sunna enables companies and municipalities to obtain access to green and locally produced solar power. This, in turn, will lead to faster regional expansion and establishment of new businesses as well as contribute to the local electricity supply. Sunna’s target is to own and manage over 500 MW prior to 2025 – which corresponds to approximately half of the largest Swedish hydropower plant.