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Pressrelease - Marcus Qviberg

Åre, October 12, 2021 - Sunna Group AB (“Sunna”)

Sunna appoints Marcus Qviberg as CEO.

Sunna, a large scale solar company, appoints Marcus Qviberg as CEO. Marcus has 15 years experience from the data centre industry, where he has contributed to the establishment and growth of Coromatic’s Swedish operations.

-”We are pleased to announce that Marcus has accepted the role as CEO. Sunna, a growing company in an expanding sector demands a leader skilful in business development as well as establishing long-term relationships. His experience from the data centre sector is unique - a sector that has rapidly transformed from small scale to large scale coupled with fast technical improvements. Marcus’ background will be a key asset as Sunna sets out on a journey to face the coming challenge of power shortages. Our ambition is to build 500 MW of solar prior to 2025 - which corresponds to about half of Sweden’s largest hydropark. There’s no one better person to navigate us on this journey than Marcus.” says Karin Zingmark, Member of the Board, Sunna Group AB.

-”It is inspiring, exciting and extremely entertaining at the same time. I look forward to starting this journey together with my fantastic colleagues at Sunna. To shape and form Sunna into a large company while contributing to a secure future power supply is a dream come true.” says Marcus Qviberg

As previously communicated, Sunna has appointed one of Scandinavia's most experienced engineers within photovoltaics, Johan Pardis, as CTO. Johan, with his extensive track record of acquiring and operating large scale solar parks is a great complement to Marcus. In 2021, Sunna has secured over 300 acres of land suitable for large scale solar parks and has raised capital from strategic capital partners.

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About Sunna Group AB:

Sunna’s ambition is to increase the proportion of solar power in the energy mix. Together with long-term capital partners Sunna aims to become a sustainable company active in the Swedish energy sector. Our goal is to develop, own and manage utility scale solar power. Sunna enables companies and municipalities to obtain access to green and locally produced solar power. This, in turn, will lead to faster regional expansion and establishment of new businesses as well as contribute to the local electricity supply. Sunna’s target is to own and manage over 500 MW prior to 2025 – which corresponds to approximately half of the largest Swedish hydropower plant. For more information, visit us at